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A brief introduction

Posted on Friday January 8, 2010

Hi, my name is Albert Lo, founder and owner of albertlo design. I have been living the dream as a Freelance UX web designer /contractor for just over a year now and live in a leafy suburb in the UK. You are viewing my new blog section which I’ve added on to my portfolio.

At some point I have to stop fiddling with the design and write something worthwhile to read. So here goes nothing from a blog virgin.

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2 Comments on "A brief introduction"

Tremain wrote on 15 January 2010, 13:16

well you was wrong – someone did comment – me. hahaha
hope your all good mate.

Bruno wrote on 9 February 2010, 14:27

Hi Albert, first, forgive me for my english, i am from Brazil and all that i know about english i learned alone.
I am still starting my career as webdesigner but, by what i see in big blogs about webdesign, to create a blog it’s really a good thing to do, principally for people like you, with experience in the subject.
And i say more, you already have a reputation, you work are reference in many sites about webdesign (not for nothing that I came to stop on your site, and know that my town is barely on the map!), what will make things a little easier.
I wish good look to you in your new journey!

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