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A rebooted design coming soon

Posted on Thursday June 2, 2011

After nearly a 3 year hiatus online. The site has been featured on numerous CSS galleries, it's been plagiarised and it's been in print in magazines & books while it still occasionally gets featured on a CSS gallery or blog post I have decided it was time to move on and redesign the website to reflect more on the direction of what I do and specialise in by creating a stronger online presence.

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So 2000 and late!

Posted on Saturday January 9, 2010

Hello, this is my obligatory welcome and introduction post. I'm so 3008. You so 2000 and late. (taken from Black Eye Peas - Boom Boom Boom lyrics) As the title suggests adding a blog to my site has been a long time coming so what has taken me so long?

Fear and Time are two biggest factors delaying why I should publish a blog. I know and have read countless benefits of having one but I continue to put it back.

  • Fear: has held me back as I was afraid no one would visit, no one would comment and whatever I had to say the topic would have been covered by someone much more opinionated and knowledgeable than myself. Ultimately I don't want to fail.
  • Time: Having to learn a CMS from scratch takes time and when you can only spare a few hours every day in the evening is tough when you work and travel in any job. Trying to dedicate a chunk of time to write feels like i'm at school, English lessons were not my favorite classes.

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